About us

Who we are

Flying Monk Design is a division of Flying Monk Graphics, who for the last 16 years have been based in the historic town of Malmesbury in Wiltshire. A small team of designers, printers and finishers producing graphics and display products for small businesses, individuals and large corporations alike.

Why “Flying Monk”

Named after local historic figure Brother Eilmer, a monk from Malmesbury Abbey, who in 1010 repeated Icarus’s attempt to fly by attaching a set of wings to his arms and jumping off the tower of Malmesbury Abbey. Malmesbury’s flying monk and his attempt to fly himself into the history books might not have been successful, but he did foresee the Norman invasion following a sighting of Halley’s comet and became recognised as a prophet. To find out more about our lovely town, please visit: discovermalmesbury.life

Flying Monk Trellis – where the idea came from

Flying Monk Trellis was born from an idea to up-cycle what was about to be a waste product. After cutting star shapes for company Christmas cards there was a colourful piece of left-over cut acrylic, too pretty and jewel-like to be thrown away. There had to be a use for it. So the shapely piece was taken home and placed in the garden where it happily made friends with the honeysuckle and added a great shot of colour. It worked so well the idea was developed further and the first collection is now ready!

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