Illuminated Daisy Trellis

Twinkle Twinkle

Flying Monk Trellis – As we cling to the remains of the summer and those evenings still nice enough to sit outside we notice how the darkness descends that bit quicker. But it’s an opportunity for those garden illuminations that can look so pretty. Candles, lanterns, firepits and fairy lights stave off the retreat indoors […]

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Cactus Trellis

Cactus Crazy!

Flying Monk Trellis – Forget flamingos for the moment, we’ve all gone cactus crazy. They’re on cushions, dresses, handbags, jumpers, also as cookie cutters, vases and lights, to name just a few. My favourite non-cactus cactus though has to be the woven straw street bollard covers used outside a restaurant in Valencia, Spain. Just brilliant! […]

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Sweet pea Trellis After

Princely Paisley & Sweet Pea

Flying Monk Trellis – A tale of a princely purple Paisley and a pretty pink sweet pea. Eager to get planting and have the trellis dressed for summer, the choice of fast growing sweet peas has proven successful. A beautiful and eye-catching welcome at the door! A fantastic selection of sweet peas are available online […]

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custom Trellis

Circular Trellis anyone?

Flying Monk Trellis – Love it when we get the opportunity to work on something different. A moonscape style circular trellis in gloss white acrylic. Destined for shadowy up-lighting and fluttering moths visiting the evening scent of jasmine. For an extensive catalogue detailing many varieties of Jasmine check out Tynings Climbers, holders of the national […]

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